Adele Seltzer is a painter, printmaker and metal sculptor.  Her work has been inspired by her interest in archeology and her connections with nature.  She uses monotype, drypoint, painting, and the mixed media process of layering to create depth and space.  The dark and light build the foundation for her abstracted works.  Her sculpture is an outgrowth of her works on paper and the paintings on canvas.

Adele received a Bachelor and Masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania and continued her studies in art at Stanford University and San Jose State University receiving a Masters in Fine Art. She has taught painting and is presently teaching the monotype process. She has exhibited her work at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, Connecticut and locally at the San Jose Museum and the DeSaisset Museum. She has been represented in galleries in California, Washington D.C., New York City, and Wiesbaden, Germany. Her work can also be found in many private and public collections both in the United States and Europe..

Masters of Fine Art, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA.
Individual Studies with Nathan Olivera, Art Dept., Stanford University, Stanford,CA.
B.S.,M.S. Educational Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.
Andi-Li Gallery Inc. Aspen, CO,  2016
Bryant Street Gallery, CA. 2009
Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson, CA. 2009
Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA. 2008
Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 2005
County Government Center Gallery, Redwood City, CA. 2002
Mill valley Sculpture Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, 2000
d.p. Fong Gallery, San Jose, CA. 1997
Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 1995
d.p. FongGallery, San Jose, CA. 1993
Alex Gallery, Washington ,D.C. (Catalogue)1991
d.p.Fong and Spratt Gallery, San Jose, CA. 1990
Lurie Co. Gallery, 901 Market, San Francisco, CA. 1987
Showcase Gallery, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary. Art, Ridgefield, CN. 1984
De Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, CA. 1980
Memorial Union Gallery, Universityof CA, Davis, CA. 1980
Gallery Grace Muchmore, Menlo Park, CA. 1979.

Joyce Gordon Gallery, Downtown Oakland, Ca.  2017
Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, Ca.  2017
Bryant Street Gallery, CA. 2009
Galerie B. Haasner, Wiesbaden, Germany.  2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2006, 2004
Richmont Art Center, Richmond, CA.  2014
MarinMOCA, Notato, CA. 2014, 2013
Mission Collage,Santa Clara, CA.  (invitational)2015, 2013
Smith Anderson Gallery, Palo Alto, CA. 2012
Santa Clara Sculpture Exhibition, Mt. View, CA. 2014,2011, 2008
Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA. 2014,2010, 2008
Oakland Museum off Site venue, Oakland, CA. 2008
Galerie B. Haasner, 25 th Anniversary, Wiesbaden, Germany. 2010
San Jose Insitute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA. 2004, 2009
Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA. 2009
Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson, CA.  2009, 2007,2006, 2005
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, Chelsea New York, New York, 2007
Frankfurt Art Expo, Frankfurt, Germany, 2006
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA. 2004
Galerie B Haasner, International Art Expo., Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2004
San Mateo Historical Museum, Redwood City,  CA. 2003
Galerie B. Haasner, Dornbirn, Austria. 2002
Museum West, Palo Alto, CA. 2001
Silicon Valley Conference Center, San Jose, CA., 2000
d.p.Fong, San Jose, CA. 2000, 1992
Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson, CA. 2000,2009
Works Gallery, San Jose, CA. 1990
Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 1998
Center for Visual Arts, Oakland, CA. 1997
Alex Gallery,  Washington, D.C.1996, 1995
“Instructor’s Exhibition,” Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA. 1994 - 2004
Syntex Gallery, Palo Alto, CA. 1993
Ohlone College, Freemont, CA. 1991
d.p. Fong and Spratt Gallery,  San Jose, CA. 1990
Branner, Spangenberg Gallery, Palo Alto, CA.1990
Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto, CA. 1989
San Jose Museum of Art,  San Jose, CA. 1988
College of Notre Dame, Belmont, CA. 1988
San Jose Institute of Contemporary. Art, San Jose, 1987,2009
Metro Contemporary Arts Gallery, Foster City, CA. 1985
Peninsula Museum, Belmont, CA. 1986,2008
Albert I. Schulz Center, Palo Alto, CA. 1986
Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA.1985
AldrichMuseum ofContemporary Art, Ridgefield, Ct. 1981, 1984
S.E.C.A. Award Finalist in 1982, 1983
Crown Zellerbach Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 1983
Crocker Citizens Bank Gallery, Oakland, CA. 1982
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA. 1981
DeSaisset Museum, University .of Santa Clara, Santa Clara,CA. 1980   
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA. 1980
Union Gallery, SanJose State University, San Jose , CA. 1979
Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto, CA.1979
California State Exposition, Sacramento , CA.(Award Winner) 1979
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COLLECTIONS:  (selected)
Atlantic Richfield Co., Corporate Headquarters, Los Angles, CA.
Atalanta Corporation, New York City, New York
Bolinas Museum, Permanent Collection, Bolinas, CA.
College ofNotre Dame, Belmont, CA
City of Palo Alto Permanent Collection, Palo Alto,
Hilton Hotel, Union Square, San Francisco, CA.
Mandarin Oriental, Boston, Mass.
JW Marriot Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana
Meridian Hotel, Boston, Mass
National Museum of Women in the Arts Archives, Washington, D.C
Stanford Investment Group Inc., Palo Alto, CA.
Saks Fifth Avenue Corporate Collection, New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, Dallas, Texas
Ritz Carlton Hotels: White Planes, New York,Washington D.C., Laguna Negal, CA.
Pane Weber, New York, New York
Peninsula Hotel, Chicago, IL.
Stanford Medical Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Union Square Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, CA..
United States Congressional Building, Senator Lantos, Washington, D.C.
Private Collections in United States: Ridgefield, Conn. Washington D. C. New York, New York, NewJersey, Chicago, Il, San Francisco and Bay Area, CA.
Private Collections in Europe:  London, England, Germany